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Industriel fjernbetjening

The industrial remote controller can operate correctly in all kinds of bad environments. It uses the radio transmission to control the industrial machinery remotely and control the operation of the industrial machinery.

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Trådløst elektronisk håndhjul

Also known as hand pulse generator, it is used for zero correction and signal segmentation of CNC machine tools, industrial machinery, etc., and generates signals corresponding to hand wheel movement through encoder.

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CNC fjernbetjening

Also known as programmable remote control, users can realize wireless remote control of industrial machinery equipment through programming, mainly used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, wharf, machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, paper making, construction, etc.

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Motion control card is a kind of upper control unit based on PC and industrial PC, which is used in various motion control occasions (including displacement, speed, acceleration, etc.).

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Integreret CNC-system

A control system that integrates all CNC system components (digital controller, programmable controller, human-machine interface) into an integrated operation panel installation form.

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Other products

According to customersindividual needs, we can provide products and solutions around the CNC industry, such as: wireless tool setter, CNC machine tool, switching power supply, etc.

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Tung! XHC Technology (wixhc) and US ArtSoft (Mach3) reached a strategic cooperation! Every step is to establish a new level of core synthesis technology (wixhc), and ushered in an important moment in history. XHC Technology (wixhc) and American ArtSoft (Mach3) have joined forces to become a strategic partner of CNC systems. This cooperation promotes the further improvement of overall operational efficiency and greater business value.

Wixhc teknologi

Vi er førende inden for CNC-industrien, har specialiseret sig i trådløs transmission og CNC bevægelseskontrol til mere end 20 flere år. Vi har snesevis af patenterede teknologier, og vores produkter sælger godt i mere end 40 lande rundt om i verden, akkumulerer typiske anvendelser af næsten 10000 kunder.

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