Passion with passion and walk with love-2020 Wixhc Annual Meeting

On January 4-5, 2020, Wixhc’s 2019 year-end work summary meeting and the 2020 Orientation Party were grandly held in the ancient town of Tai’an, Qingchengshan. Focusing on the theme of the annual meeting of “Passion and Paid with Love”, the company’s general manager, middle and senior management personnel and all employees gathered together to summarize the achievements made in the past year and plan the development direction of the new year.

Summarizing the past and setting goals

Time is running fast, and a year of work has become history. 2019 has passed and 2020 is on the way. The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities and challenges. The annual meeting officially started under a solemn oath, and all participants took an oath under the leadership of the general manager. Subsequently, in order to better carry out the work in 2020, all departments of the company summarized and reported on the work of the previous year and proposed a work plan for the work of the next year.

Encourage advanced recognition of excellence

Wixhc adheres to the corporate culture of “aggregating core technologies and creating a new life”, attaches great importance to talent development, actively reserves talents, encourages outstanding employees, and creates a broad employment environment for employee development. This annual meeting is specifically targeted at the 23 outstanding achievements in 2019. Commendations and awards were given by employees. Among the winners are outstanding employees; managers who lead the team to achieve outstanding performance.

Talk about life, let your dreams go

Everyone has their own ideal, and the ideal is like a paintbrush, painting our colorful life. When you have an ideal, this ideal will determine the direction of your hard work and struggle. In addition to the commendation, the annual meeting specially set up a “Wishing Tree” link, calling on colleagues at Xincheng to write down their good wishes for the coming year and encourage everyone to move forward in the ideal of life.

Leave the old and welcome the new

The evening welcome party was officially kicked off in a laughter. Afterwards, the general manager and leaders of various departments delivered new year speeches, expressing heartfelt thanks and new year blessings to all employees, fully affirming the company’s work performance in 2019, and also putting forward new requirements and expectations for the company’s future development. . Encourage all staff to make persistent efforts in 2020, achieve more brilliant results, and start the golden age of Synthesizer;

In addition, in order to create a wonderful audio-visual feast, the versatile core-synthesizers have carefully prepared a variety of exciting performances, including lively and cute dance “Little Apple”, “Wild Wolf Disco + Rabbit Dance”, “Everyday Up”, joyous and funny sketches “Apply”, “Four Tang Monks and Apprentices”, inspiring recitation “Synthetic Praise of the Core”, etc., the variety is rich and exciting.

In addition to the performances of the show, the dinner also set up exciting draws and mini-games. After the announcement of a batch of awards at 9 pm, in the cheers and blazing flames of everyone, tonight, we say goodbye In 2019, it was a joy, and the annual meeting ended successfully.
Going forward to welcome the new year, advancing with the times to celebrate the new year, we have a beautiful and full of expectations for the coming 2020. The company’s colleagues stood side by side at a new starting point, and together painted a more magnificent blueprint for the core synthesis.