It all starts with your needs

Everything we do is to continuously create greater value for you, go hand in hand, and develop together.

We have accumulated typical applications in more than 40 countries, more than 150 industries and tens of thousands of customers worldwide. We continuously optimize and improve our products to meet your needs based on the actual needs and feedback of our customers. We can customize solutions and products to your needs.

We take the value creation model as the core and the goal of creating more value for customers. We take customer experience, service quality, and value creation as the standards for measuring the quality of products. By providing CNC integrated solutions, it enhances the added value of services, expands the service field, enhances the corporate brand status, and creates the greatest value for customers.

Customized requirements

Quisque blandit dolor risus, sed dapibus dui stomer focus – serving customers is the cornerstone of Wixhc’s business, and customer needs are our driving force. Providing effective services to customers is the yardstick of our work direction and value evaluation. We can customize suitable products according to the actual needs of customers’ industries.

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Patented core technology

Wixhc has obtained more than 20 invention patents and utility patents authorized by the State Patent and Intellectual Property Office, and several patents are under application. The patented technology, industry knowledge and analytical advantages will further strengthen and accelerate the core synthesizing activities in the CNC field that he is good at.

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Quality Production Plant

We have modern standard production plants, R & D laboratories, and production areas. Complete supporting facilities, equipped with ERP production efficiency and quality control system, real-time presentation of the production site qualification rate and production efficiency, to achieve automatic control and visual management.

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International Quality System

Establish a sound quality management system and fully pass the ISO9001 international quality system certification. Has a strong quality assurance team composed of professional quality engineers, technicians and quality inspection personnel, using advanced testing equipment and scientific testing methods, strict product quality control.

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Three specialist craftsman spirit

We adhere to the “professional, attentive and dedicated” corporate philosophy, aggregate the world’s most advanced core patented technologies in the CNC field, and provide meticulous service to create greater value for customers through technical exchanges and cooperation with world-renowned companies. Craftsman’s feelings, all service ideas for customers, thank customers.

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Solve your problem

Strong R & D team and rich R & D experience, members of the Wixhc core synthesis technology team have doctoral and master degrees, and have accumulated rich R & D design experience in wireless transmission, CNC motion control and other fields. Complete after-sales service and technical support team.

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