Compete for the high point of intelligence in the industrial field
Chengdu Wixhc innovation does not stop
During the past ten years of development
Wixhc always takes technology first
Continuously increase technology research and development efforts
Committed to the innovation and progress of industrial products
And in the last year of 2022, it will obtain two more patent authorizations
Patent number:ZL2022 2 1175338.7
Authorization announcement date: August 30, 2022
Authorization announcement number:CN 217318683 U
Patent number:ZL20222 1015744.7
Authorization announcement date:August 9, 2022
Authorization announcement number:CN 217157454 U
Aggregate core technology to achieve a new life!
In the industrial field, Xincheng constantly tempers its own core technology, always maintains the driving force of technological innovation, focuses on the field of wireless data transmission and motion control, and continuously provides customers with high-quality industrial products and technical solutions. Now it has obtained more than 20 national patent authorizations. Brand leader. In the future, we hope to use our own technology and products to create more benefits and value for customers, and work with customers to achieve a new industrial intelligent life!
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