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Multi-switch industrial wireless remote controlDH05 DH05


 Application:Mainly used in industrial equipment, welding industry, cutting industry, mining industry, etc.

1.Using 433MHZ wireless transmission frequency, long-distance wireless frequency hopping technology, barrier-free transmission distance of 200 meters

2.The same range of use supports 32 sets of wireless remote control to be used at the same time, without interfering with each other

3. Supports 14 pushbutton switches, each independently controlling the switching output of 14 NO points on the receiver

4.Supports 2 external pushbutton switch inputs, each of which can control 1 set of switching outputs on the receiver

5.Low-power design; 2 AA batteries, normal use for 1 month

6.Waterproof design with IP67 rating

  • Low power consumption design
  • Easy to use


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