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Enhanced type wireless MPG – ATWGP 12 axis


Enhanced type wireless MPG – ATWGP-12 axis

  • 40m barrier-free distance
  • Signal stabilization、strong anti-interference
  • Easy to use



Adaptation system: all CNC systems with handwheel interface

This product is a manual pulse generator used with CNC machine tools. It has beenwidely used in fields such as CNC machine tools, CNC lathes, machining centers,CNC engraving and milling machines. This product uses wireless transmissiontechnology, eliminating the need for traditional spring wire connections, reducingequipment failures caused by cables, eliminating cable drag, oil and  other contamination, and making operation more convenient. The product package includes the receiver and wireless electronic handwheel. The receiver is connected to the CNC equipment through a network cable, and the electronic handwheel (hand pulse generator) is connected and communicated with the receiver through wireless transmission technology. The operator holds the handwheel and can get rid of the connection constraints of the spring wire and move freely. For large-scale gantry milling, CNC lathes, traveling machine tools, cutting and other applications, it brings great convenience and improves work efficiency.

    Supports various system brands such as Siemens, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, TaiwanXindai, Baoyuan, Fagor, Huazhong CNC, Guangzhou CNC, and otherCNC systemsthat support handwheel interfaces.

1. Using the 433MHZ wireless communication frequency band, the wireless operating distance is 40 meters;
2. Adopt automatic frequency hopping function and use 32 sets of wireless handwheels at the same time without affecting each other;
3. Supports emergency stop button and 3 custom button switch outputs;
4. Supports multiple axis selections of 6-axis, 7-axis, 8-axis, 9-axis, 10-axis and 12-axis, with 3-speed and 4-speed magnification.Axis selection and magnification switches support various signal types such as binary coding, point-to-point, gray code, etc.;
5. Supports 5V differential pulse signal, 24V pulse signal and other pulse signal types;
6. Low power consumption design, 2 AA batteries can be used for more than 1 month;
7. Supports external extension antenna, suitable for various machine tool installation environments, ensuring signal stability;


1. Status indicator light:
Signal light (left): The signal light is always on when the handwheelis operated, and does not light up when not operating;
Low voltage alarm light (right): When the battery power is too low,the alarm light flashes or stays on;
2. Enable button:
After pressing and holding the enable button, the axis selection and magnification signals are activated, and the pulse encoder output is valid;
3. Custom button:
A button without any function can control a corresponding switch output on the receiver;

COM1: Common terminal for axis selection magnification signal output; can be connected to 0-24V public signal
COM2: Common terminal of 3 custom button outputs;

*Axis selection and magnification can be selected through software, coding or point-to-point, please consult the staff for details

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